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Also known as “Swedish massage”, this classic type of massage can be a great support to physical as well as mental wellbeing in a great variety of ways, as it addresses health from different perspectives.

On a more physical level, it may be beneficial to all the various systems in the body, including helping improve circulation (blood and lymphatic), digestion, elimination of toxins, flexibility and muscle tone and clearing the skin.

On top of easing physical tension, it can be an incredibly relaxing experience, which can help to calm your mind and really tune into your body, creating a little cocoon away from the stress of day-to-day life.

I use a combination of techniques to tailor the right massage for your needs on each day; slow, firm but gentle, soothing pressure for a more relaxing treatment, or more vigorous and stimulating movements to give an extra zing to the day and feel instantly re-energized.

These qualities make massage an ideal assistance in maintaining long-term health and can assist the body in healing.


Book a treatment, a taster session, or choose to combine massage with Hot Stones, to ease particular areas or to add a more pampering touch, or with Reiki for a deeply relaxing and healing experience. Check out the package offer.