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Heated, smooth stones are used as an extension of my hands. A full body hot stones massage provides a very relaxing, healing and effective experience.

The stones themselves are basalt, a black volcanic rock that has been smoothed by natural forces in the rivers or sea and absorbs and retains heat well. – They are beautiful, see more pictures here.

The direct heat of the stones helps with relaxing the muscles, allowing access to the deeper layers, therefore increasing the blood and lymph flow and consequently helping to release accumulated toxins that have become trapped in body tissues.

On a more subtle level, the contact with the stones may help rebalance the energy in the body and help you ground. Therefore I might occasionally leave some heated stones in specific points such as along the spine, in the palm of the hands, on the belly or between the toes, to improve the flow of energy.

Hot Stone Massage may help improving symptoms of muscular tension and pain on the body, such as neck and back stiffness or pain; it may greatly encourage better blood, lymphatic and energy circulation, toxins elimination, and can be of great help with stress relief and therefore some stress related conditions.


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