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One of my great passions, and a great help in my life is meditation and the exploration of oneself and the art of living mindfully.
I find it really helps in all sorts of circumstances: it clears the mind from unnecessary over-thinking and calms the nerves when you need it. Decision-making, problem-solving, dealing with situations and people or simply being creative, all become a little easier.

I started meditating in my teenage years, out of curiosity mainly and when I started to see its positive effects, I kept researching and practicing. That curiosity is still there and it still keeps me going and keeps me wondering how I would do things differently had I not learned to sit quietly and look within myself. It also perfectly sits alongside and complements my Reiki healing work.
So much was my interest in it and in ways of integrating it into daily life that I found myself talking about it a lot to others and showing them how to do it, so I decided to qualify as a meditation teacher.

The most accessible and basic form is the Mindfulness based meditation, which is what I usually teach. It’s very simple and effective and the benefits are countless, stress management being the most beneficial nowadays, where it seems coping with the everyday pressures of life gets increasingly difficult.
Learning to sit quietly, to explore ourselves mentally and emotionally, to recognize stress patterns and alerts in day-to-day situations, makes it just that bit easier to deal with all the stimulation of the contemporary world, also reducing the effects that stress may bring, both mentally and physically.
A lot of research is being done on Mindfulness and its benefits and there is a wealth of information that is easily accessible. It’s now being used in many school and academic settings due to its ability to help with anxiety, increase concentration, improve mood and energy levels, increase and manage the flow of creativity, plus related improvements on the physical level.

Types of meditation I practice and teach include: Mindfulness, visualization, chakras and energy clearing, I experiment with breath, sound, lights, crystals, meditation in motion, walk, dance or performance. I have also trained in and practice Transcendental Meditation, however not at teacher level. I deliver workshops, regular classes and one-to-one sessions for students, creatives, managers and musicians. Check out Bohofluteretreats, my next collaboration.

If you’re interested in starting a group (socially or corporate), one-to-one sessions or if you just have a little interest and want to have a chat about it, please drop me an email.