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Also called Facial Rejuvenating Massage, or Natural Facelift. I use a special combination of techniques derived from Japanese and Ayurvedic face massage, aimed at treating the surface and also the deep facial tissues with highly refined and gentle manipulation, which helps releasing stress and tension stored in the muscles and lightly redefine facial lines.

An extensive range of acupressure points are stimulated on the face meridians, helping to bring the whole body into balance, stimulate energy flow and release deep-seated tension, whilst also freeing layers of muscle and connective tissue. I then work on the face muscles and gently re-train them into a more relaxed state. Draining movements will then help get rid of toxins and regenerate the tissues. The whole top of the body is massaged, including shoulders, neck and head, which can give the feeling of a whole body treatment.

The natural lift facial may help with:

Improving skin suppleness and complexion (puffiness, fine lines and wrinkles may be eased); reducing and releasing muscle tension on face and jaw; relieving stress symptoms, such as insomnia, headaches, eye-strain; toning the skin and underlying muscles; stimulating rejuvenation and cellular activity; aiding lymphatic circulation and waste elimination, bringing more nutrients to the cells; maintaining a fresh, youthful appearance; enhancing mental and physical relaxation.

As with any massage or physical workouts, although you can notice a difference after one treatment, the effects are cumulative and a course of 6-8 weekly treatments is recommended for better results.

This treatment can be combined with a Neal’s Yard Organic facial, for a deeply nourishing and luxurious experience.


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